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Multi Station Analysis (MSA)

Multi Station Analysis (MSA) removes systematic error in magnetic wellbore surveys. Using roundLAB's proprietary MSA algorithm, Operators enjoy significant increases in wellbore position certainty. Ellipse of Uncertainty (EOU) size is reduced, minimizing steering corrections, improving overall survey time and wellbore collision risk or hard boundary breaches. When compared to standard MWD surveys, use of MSA allows improved accuracy when pinpointing geological targets.

roundLAB's MSA service is delivered via our (eddi™ = Ecosystem for Drilling Data Intelligence) web portal, linked 24/7 to roundLAB’s Real Time Operations Center (RTOC). MSA is applied real-time at each survey point, enabling significant improvements to wellbore positioning and survey quality control. Immediate results are available to all wellbore stakeholders via in near real time.

When used in conjunction with Vertical Position Enhancement (VPE), roundLAB MSA + VPE provides ultimate fine tuning of your horizontal wellbore position.

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Vertical Position Enhancement (VPE)

roundLAB is the exclusive worldwide supplier of a patented True Vertical Depth (TVD) enhancement algorithm, improving TVD accuracy for placing horizontal wellbores within the pay zone.

Using real-time pressure measurements from an MWD or LWD system, along with simple surface inputs keyed into, E&P and service company clients improve TVD definition during the drilling process. Fine tuning vertical position in the pay zone delivers improved geological understanding and production results, along with overall increased returns on investment, drilling efficiency, and speed.

When used in conjunction with roundLAB’s Multi Station Analysis (MSA), roundLAB MSA + VPE provides ultimate real-time position control of your horizontal wellbore position.

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Raw Data Acquisition (RDA)

Own and Control Your Raw Wellbore Positional Data!

Maintaining secure and unfettered access to your raw wellbore position data is critical as it contains geomagnetic data for calculating the geographical location of your wellbore. All measured reference points and raw survey station data used during well construction needs quality control (QC) at source with proper tag and storage, enabling real time or future reference. Modern oil and gas development techniques such as multi-well pads with increased wellbore densities drive the need for thorough data QC and easy access to raw wellbore survey data.

Maintaining your own raw data enables complete flexibility in vendor selection, without having to manage data access while selecting directional drilling and/or MWD vendors.

At roundLAB, we encourage Exploration & Production and Service Companies to control the automatic acquisition and storage of their raw drilling data, delivering flexibility for conditioning and analysis, whether real-time or post processed as Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and associated algorithms evolve.

Put an end to searching for, and correlating wellbore position data from third party data silos. Your raw data will be captured at source, transmitted, and quality control checked real-time, using a custom designed solution from roundLAB. Position Your Data!

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High Resolution Geomagnetic Model (HRGM)

roundLAB’s High Resolution Geomagnetic Model is a global model of the Earth's geomagnetic main and crustal field, providing magnetic field values (total field, dip, and declination) at any point above or below the Earth's surface. HRGM computes magnetic reference values at any surface location during the well-planning and drilling phases of your directional drilling operation. Annual updates to HRGM deliver secular changes of the Earth’s geomagnetic field, ensuring highly accurate wellbore position calculations.

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Real-Time Anti-Collision Monitoring (RAM)

Given the increased density of wellbores in modern pad type drilling, Operators need to understand separation factor (SF) as it relates to wellbore collision risk. Wellplanning and operations limits need flexibility to react to geological tendencies and reasonable operational uncertainty, while maintaining a pre-determined SF. The criteria of this standard is based on minimum allowable SF’s, and the application of error reduction technology (such as: Multi-Station Analysis (MSA) and/or In Field Referencing (IFR)) to reduce survey errors for wells with tight SF’s.

There are circumstances where wells are drilled at or below minimum SF’s. Risk mitigation is achieved by applying real-time anti-collision monitoring based on situation specific risk assessment. roundLAB is your partner in objective, unbiased, unconflicted real-time management of your wellbore collision risk.

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Advanced Well Planning Services

Your Play, Pad or Well Starts with Your Well Design.

Utilize roundLAB to control your well planning and design process without relying on external vendors. Drill Wells On Paper (DWOP) ensuring wellbore designs meet your strict criteria, before engaging vendors.

Force strict quality control measures into your wellbore location calculations, at the wellplanning stage. roundLAB is a leader in wellbore positioning technology. Quality wellbore placement starts with quality wellplanning, using current geomagnetic data and thorough assessment of your unique wellbore and pad characteristics.

Control your wellbore location data at the outset!

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Wellbore Survey Management Standards Implementation

roundLAB quickly and effectively enables operators to implement systems and controls to meet changing regulatory requirements, reducing risks and improving efficiency. roundLAB will work with your team, defining and building documentation encompassing known variances in directional drilling vendors practices and methodologies. We’ll standardize your methodology and application in areas of anti-collision calculations, driving improved risk management across multiple directional vendors. With your Wellbore Survey Management program in place, internal or external audit guidelines are easily met.

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