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Multi Station Analysis (MSA)

Multi Station Analysis (MSA) removes systematic error in magnetic wellbore surveys. Using roundLAB's proprietary MSA algorithm, Operators enjoy significant increases in wellbore position certainty. Ellipse of Uncertainty (EOU) size is reduced, minimizing steering corrections, improving overall survey time and wellbore collision risk or hard boundary breaches. When compared to standard MWD surveys, use of MSA allows improved accuracy when pinpointing geological targets.

roundLAB's MSA service is delivered via our (eddi™ = Ecosystem for Drilling Data Intelligence) web portal, linked 24/7 to roundLAB’s Real Time Operations Center (RTOC). MSA is applied real-time at each survey point, enabling significant improvements to wellbore positioning and survey quality control. Immediate results are available to all wellbore stakeholders via in near real time.

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High Resolution Geomagnetic Model (HRGM)

roundLAB’s High Resolution Geomagnetic Model is a global model of the Earth's geomagnetic main and crustal field, providing magnetic field values (total field, dip, and declination) at any point above or below the earth's surface. HRGM computes magnetic reference values at any surface location during the well-planning and drilling phases of your directional drilling operation. Annual updates to HRGM deliver secular changes of the earth’s geomagnetic field, ensuring highly accurate wellbore position calculations.

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Survey Management Standards Implementation

roundLAB custom designs reference documentation for Operators to implement Wellbore Survey Management Standards. roundLAB will work with your team, defining and building documentation encompassing known variances in directional drilling vendors practices and methodologies. We’ll standardize your methodology and application in areas of anti-collision calculations, driving improved risk management across multiple directional vendors. With your Wellbore Survey Management program in place, internal or external audit guidelines are easily met.

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