eddi™ = Ecosystem for Drilling Data Intelligence

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eddi™ (Ecosystem for Drilling Data Intelligence) is roundLAB’s unique solution for virtual delivery of wellbore positioning analytics.

E&P and Service Company Clients who utilize eddi™ ensure critical wellbore positioning data is immediately available to all stakeholders in the drilling process. In real-time, EDR and downhole (MWD/LWD) data is collected and conditioned, roundLAB algorithms applied, providing specific and focused analysis while eliminating wellbore positioning systematic errors.

Via www.eddiLAB.com, wellbore stakeholders have secure access to all results, allowing real-time adjustments of drilling parameters and/or directional drilling inputs at the field level, where the largest opportunity for improvement resides.

roundLAB clients enjoy improvements in workflow, stakeholder communication, drilling efficiency, while reducing drilling risk and drilling execution complexity.

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