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Our Company

roundLAB was founded in early 2019 by seasoned directional drilling and wellbore position professionals. Since inception, we’ve been visiting Exploration and Production (E&P), and drilling service company friends to understand their needs for data collection and analysis, leading to opportunities for operational efficiency and wellbore placement improvement.

With Client input, and roundLAB’s solid understanding of field operations, our delivery mechanism took shape! (eddiLab.com). Algorithms layered onto raw data within eddiLab.com deliver of a suite of unique tools to fundamentally improve workflow, driving wisdom from your raw data, which now exists in one place versus being siloed with multiple providers.

Given the teams comprehensive background in wellbore placement, roundLAB spends considerable time educating E&P and service company clients on issues related to wellbore position accuracy. Using proprietary algorithms within eddiLab.com, roundLAB delivers significant real-time improvements to wellbore positioning vs conventional processed Measurement While drilling (MWD) data.

The sub-surface component of drilling operations is very complex. eddiLab.com enables ease and efficiency, workflow and data transfer improvements, along with technical headroom to layer-in additional algorithms that suit client specific needs.

Our unique perspective as unbiased and unconflicted wellbore positioning experts resonates with Clients. With recent articles on geological issues related to assumed wellbore position, we offer education and understanding of the complexities of geomagnetic models, their effect on your wellbore productivity, leading to significant improvements in wellbore placement and production.

Our Mission

To educate, empower, enable, and innovate.


Brainstorm with, and educate our industry team-mates, delivering operationally relevant topics, and emphasizing the effective use of conditioned data to improve your drilling operation.


Empower all drilling professionals with data conditioning and prescriptive analytics, driving solid, effective, and timely decisions.


Enable roundLAB oil and gas, and Service Company Clients with solid data handling tools, reducing the day to day workload of our users.


Innovate by delivering field focused solutions, linking data conditioning algorithms with actionable, timely ideas to improve your drilling operation.

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