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General Manager

Dukhwa (Duk) Hong

Dukhwa Hong ("Duk") is a highly experienced data analysis professional, who started his oil and gas engineering career after serving in the US Army. Duk first worked for Schlumberger, as a subject matter expert in directional drilling data analysis and product development. After plying his trade in 14 countries for Schlumberger, Duk settled in Canada, founding the Canadian Wellbore Positioning Committee (CWPC). Duk is also serving E&P and service company clients through continuous education, while providing survey management services in North America. Prior to joining roundLAB, Duk was the Canadian Wellbore Quality Champion for USA based Magnetic Variation LLC (MagVar), educating clients and supporting their unique well placement challenges in Canada. Duk has conducted numerous industry training sessions and currently serves as Chairperson for the CWPC.


Richard (Rick) Ryan

Rick began his career as a MWD Field Engineer for Vectel Petroleum Services (purchased by Baker Hughes Inteq) in the mid 80’s, then moved to Positec Drilling Controls (PDC) as their Operations Manager. Schlumberger purchased Positec in May of 1990 and Rick remained as District Manager, In October 1991 he founded Ryan Energy Technologies (Ryan). Ryan was sold to Nabors Industries in 2002, where Rick remained as President of Ryan Directional until 2010. In 2011, Rick founded MATRRIX Energy Technologies, a provider of directional drilling technologies and services in Western Canada. Rick founded roundLAB to focus on the use of real-time data collection, conditioning and analysis supporting fact-based decision making for drilling operations. Rick’s vision is to enable Exploration and Production (E&P) and service companies with wellsite focused decision making tools, driving operations friendly Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities into horizontal drilling services around the world.

Managing Partner

Michael (Mike) Carter

Mike began his career in 1987 performing geological evaluation and data acquisition on drilling sites leading to the role of Technical Business Development Manager for Continental Laboratories. In 2001, Mike joined Ryan Energy Technologies (Ryan), ultimately as Sr VP North America, managing Ryan Directional Services a division of Nabors Industries. In 2012, as Senior Vice President at Calmena Energy Services, Mike was fortunate to manage wireline, micro-seismic, frac fluid services, Canadian contract drilling and global directional drilling. In 2016, Mike participated in retooling and expanding the horizontal logging technology for Cordax Evaluation Technologies. After years in the horizontal wellbore construction and evaluation group of disciplines, it became clear to Mike the need for data analytics for improved wellbore positioning. The roundLAB team's broad expertise, combined with its powerful and eddiBOX technology, allows roundLAB to simplify data collection and application of analytics, leading to improved decisions for wellbore stakeholders.

Board Member

Mojtaba Kazemi

Mojtaba has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary and holds a P.Eng. with APEGA. He has over a decade of experience in industrial and academic research and development and has published and presented in national and international forums. He has extensive experience in new product development in the MWD industry and has contributed to over 15 patents in this field. Prior to joining our Board in roundLAB, Mojtaba managed a wellbore positioning team at Phoenix Technology Services and worked as the Measurement Technologies R&D Manager at Evolution Engineering. His main areas of interest include mathematical and numerical modeling, finite element analysis, engineering design, and optimization. In his Ph.D., Mojtaba developed a complex 3D model of the human knee joint by applying the governing equations of porous media, which are commonly used to describe the flow of oil in rock, to fluid flow in cartilage and menisci. His work has been cited by over 200 scholars from different countries.

Technical Manager

Michael Long CEng. MIMMM

Mike is a professional Chartered Mining Engineer with extensive experience in all aspects of safe and effective drilling operations within the oil and gas industry. As a seasoned operations and technical manager, he has led numerous drilling projects both on and offshore worldwide, building, developing, and managing multi-disciplinary teams in culturally diverse environments. His practical experience is complemented with a strong academic base, with numerous professional courses covering business, operations, and technology. Mike is highly regarded as a wellbore positioning expert, having worked for Baker Hughes Inteq and Scientific Drilling in a directional drilling and wellbore positioning capacity, and with Superior QC delivering wellbore positioning solutions to Patterson/Superior QC clients in North America.

Business Development Manager - Houston

Stanley Johnson

Stanley has enjoyed a more than 40-year career in directional drilling, working for major directional drilling service providers including Weatherford and Sperry Sun. Stanley is highly regarded for his knowledge of directional drilling systems and processes, including the various methods of ensuring wellbore positioning accuracy. Stanley works closely with directional drilling providers and oil and gas clients, ensuring strong workflow efficiency, with efficient transitions between various directional vendors, ultimately delivering seamless and accurate wellbore positioning results.

Specialist – Business Operations

Tyler Longeau

Tyler is a highly motivated, results-oriented and challenge-driven individual with strong ethical and moral values. Tyler has worked judiciously to become an expert in wellbore positioning, setting both high personal and professional standards for himself, directional drilling providers, and his oil and gas clients. Tyler likes to train and support using a consultative approach, helping customers and their operational partners achieve maximum results with their business.

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